Call Of Duty Mobile Tournament Rules

Match Rules

1. A player can only play for one team.

2. Only mobile phones are allowed, no Emulators.

3. Colluding with other teams is not allowed.

4. Players must use the COD Mobile Username And UID during registration. Any change in username should be reported to support at least 4 hours before the match time.

5. All players must install the newest version of the game in order to participate in the tournament. Any update must be installed before the tournament starts ,so delays will be at a minimum.

6. The players are not allowed to use any hacks or any other software/tool which gives them undue advantage.

7. Any complaints regarding the match results should be reported within 4 hours of completion of the match.

8. Scoring will be done on final placement plus number of kills.

9. if other members who have not registered are in a match then that team will not get any prize even if they win and no refund will be given.

COD Mobile TDM Tournament


1. All players must use the mobile device platform.

2. Emulators, controllers, mouse, keyboard, etc. are not allowed.

3. All cheats and hacks are strictly forbidden.

 4. Exploiting glitches and bug abuse is not allowed.

5. Players must be on the roster with the registered UID

6. Account sharing is not allowed

7. Treat players & organizers with respect. Toxicity will not be tolerated.

8. Room ID/Pass will be provided 30 minutes prior to match

9. Only 5 minutes extra time would be given to join the room.” any team/player fails to join no rematches are to be scheduled

10. At any point of the tournament suspicious players can be asked for their POV‘s teams/players failing in providing sufficient evidence would be disqualified. So kindly record your games

11. All the team captains must take a screenshot of the result. It could be asked after the game ends.

12. Game Settings:

Kill Limit:40

Time Limit : 600 sec

13. Kindly wait for 12 hours for results to get uploaded on discord/instagram.