Free Fire Tournament Rules

Match Rules

1. A player can only play for one team.

2. Only mobile phones are allowed no Emulators.

3. Colluding with other teams is not allowed.

4. All players must install the newest version of the game in order to participate In the tournament. Any update must be installed before the tournament starts, so delays will be at a minimum.

5. The players are not allowed to use any hacks or any other software/tool which gives them undue advantage.

6. Any complaints regarding the match results should be reported within 4 hours of completion of the match.

7. If more members than those registered on Gaming Culture Era enter In match, then we will not give the entire team any prize even if they win.

8. Grenades and Rocket launcher(M79) are not allowed and If any of the teams or any team members use it. The Entire team will be disqualified. Remember no refund and entry fee will be returned back!